Gladiator: Performance Monitoring Tool

About Gladiator Product Suite:

  • Currently Gladiator product suite include following, which are linked through common database and tools:
  • GPOSS (Performance Optimization System Solutions)
    • Provides end to end visibility across the network with data collected and correlated from both the customer’s device and the network
    • Correlation of customer experience with network issues enabling efficient identification and correction of customer pain points
    • Adaptive task management and workflow automation
    • Integrated probes and OSS data processing
    • Near real time and multi user access with priority management
    • Automation, customization and business object modules
  • GEMS (Customer Experience Management Solutions)
    • Automates engineering workflow  and provides comprehensive engineering tools for drill-down troubleshooting and reporting
    • Supports multi-technology and multi-vendor systems

All Gladiator products embrace the concept of Performance Optimization Systems Solution as being the future of how wireless networks will be managed


About  G Station:

  • G Station has core elements like; Database, Dataviews& Embedded application development suite
  • It also has applications like; Technology toolboxes, Custom Design Engine & Benchmarking module
  • The key feature about SORaNO G – Station Architecture is that it offers open platform that allows:
    • Rapid development
    • Custom IP development: Gladiator is favorably positioned  to grow its global installed base within NEM’s and win their recognition to standardize SORaNO in managed services across global markets through locking out it’s IP  allowing NEMs to embed their  mission  critical  IP  into Gladiator  which helps them  differentiate their  products and services with productized IP to compete for market share. This sets Gladiator apart from their competition and giving them significant traction for gaining market recognition.
    • Third Party Licensing
    • Easy integration of new data sources and third party applications


About G Net:

  • G Net provides 24 by 7 automated analysis of data
  • It also provides autonomous, dispatched measurements, OSS, DT and probes
  • G Net provides “Open Architecture” : Gladiator’s open architecture enables customer-specific software which has no equivalent in the marketplace. With this key differentiating feature, Gladiator customers are empowered to react to business needs on the fly and in the field, always maintaining a state-of-the-art  solution independent of  Gladiator  R&D  schedules. As a result,  Gladiator  customers realize OpEx  and CapEx  reductions,speed  to market,  and a competitive  edge. In contrast, Gladiator’s competitors are restrained by  inflexible application-based  products with relatively short shelf life and long R&D cycles. 
  • Another important  byproduct  of  the  use  of  customer-specific software is that  Gladiator  customers become increasingly  dependent  on  the  Gladiator platform,  since  there  are no  other  open-architecture network optimization platforms.  Accordingly, the use of customer-specific software will greatly benefit customers while effectively locking competitors out of the market and allowing Gladiator to accelerate market share and reach a market leadership position within the next two years


About G Net End to End:

  • In contrast to Gladiator’s existing product  line,  G-NET-E2E  will   Manage,  Monitor,  and Optimize both the  wireless (radio access) and non-wireless portion of a telecom network
  • Expanding beyond the wireless portion of the network  will  involve establishing  a presence  in the  customer’s Network  Operations Center (NOC), which will open the door to further opportunities
  • G-NET-E2E is architected to support multiple operating-systems using Java and Oracle based technologies. The IP inherent in the product architecture combines various strategic attributes
  • Gladiator is projecting 10x growth in next five years due to G-NET-E2E.   
  • The  first  phase  of  the  G-NET-E2E  project  is currently staffed. A strong installed base of SORANO and a well executed intellectual property lockout plan sets the  stage for G-NET-E2E  product  entry  into the  Telecom  performance  management segment for 2011
  • G – NET – E2E when combined with good planning on global coverage, can create a healthy stream of revenue leveraging on the lead-lags


G Net End to End vis-à-vis  4G & LTE:

  • LTE  and 4G technologies are now  being  rolled  out  in lead  markets  creating  totally  new challenges in managing performance of the new broad-band wireless networks. The existing ecosystem challenges for LTE  and  4G  will make the condition worse by  the  sharp incline  of  mobile apps and proliferation  of  internet  enabled  mobile devices and smart phones.
  • The  legacy solutions in the performance management space have failed to address some key technological gaps that  have plagued the  operators  with  significant  revenue  loss incurred  from network downtime
  • G-NET-E2E  addresses these market  challenges by  introducing  technological enablers to  remedy  the  missed  revenues  by:
    • Unifying  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and  Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) across multi-format OSS platforms, a key contributor to the managed services segment where NEM’s inherit multi-vendor OSS from the Telco’s infrastructure
    • Resolve long network downtimes by introducing an  intelligent  system modeling  and modification solution (in process of being patented)
    • Resolve network downtimes plagued by scalability issues of processing large volumes of data, speed of aggregation and modifications thereof  using  patented  task management  engine. 
  • These nuances in a performance management solution create a built-in business case  to displace legacy systems that impose exorbitant missed revenues to telecom operators in network downtime